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Maintaining 85oF condenser water, while saving cooling tower fan work, will significantly penalize the chiller. The chiller controller has the advantage of knowing just how much cooling is actually required by the chiller for optimum performance.

Side note, I learned a valuable lesson These programs monitor the weather, the building load and the power consumption of all the components in the chiller plant including cooling towers. Lastly, contamination which is by far the most important.

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This is the most basic level of control. In some situations, the savings both in capital cost and operating cost can be very large. As the valve closes, the system pressure shifts to the valve until all the pressure drop 16 PSI is across the valve. Ultimately, the best cooling tower control designs are part of a chiller plant optimization program.

In many cases, the setpoint is 85oF, which is very poor. Limit the setpoint between the design condenser water temperature typically 85oF and the minimum condenser water temperature typically 65oF.

Then the tower fan work will stage down and maintain minimum setpoint. Control valves are typically sized based on the required Cv. Two-position valves are either on or off.

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Referring to Figure 23, it can be seen that the valve performance characteristic is distorted and when matched to a cooling coil will not provide a linear relationship between valve position and coil output. Tom Ayers I started my brewing career years ago the same way many of us did, with a sink full of cold water.

For on-off control, any valve can be used as long as it can pass the required flow rate with the pressure differential available.

However, the pumps and piping system must be designed for full flow to all the control valves all the time. I went ahead and got one and then I got it I realized I needed a valve in my pot and ideally a pump, although it was not absolutely necessary.

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Care must be taken to select the chiller at the proper temperature range. Control valves are typically sized based on the required Cv. Two-way valves throttle flow while three divert flow. Unless you have a plate chiller that you can take apart like the therminator to clean, and you do so on a regular basis you really have no way of knowing if the inside of your chiller is clean and sanitary.

They are popular for single chiller-tower arrangements because the control package can be supplied as part of the cooling tower. My new immersion chiller with whirlpool arm knocks the temperature down to below F for the entire back in a few minutes.

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Using modeling algorithms, the program calculates the best operating point to use the least power possible and meet the requirements of the building.

Filtrine provides custom engineered chillers, drinking fountains, water purification and drinking water systems for a wide variety of applications. Shop Ice Mold/Wine Bottle Chiller. Create a beautiful centerpiece of chilled wine.

This bottle chiller mold freezes a tall cylinder of ice perfectly tailored to a single bottle. Freeze as is or incorporate berries, citrus slices or fresh flowers before frozen.

Chiller Plant Design

Figure 1 shows a basic chiller loop with a water-cooled chiller. The system consists of a chiller, cooling tower, building cooling load, chilled water and condensing water pumps and piping. Filtrine provides custom engineered chillers, drinking fountains, water purification and drinking water systems for a wide variety of applications with a focus on sustainability and durability.

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